Beliefs are what drive you.

It can take many years to forge a belief.

I find that is often our beliefs which drive us, they act as the foundation we build our actions upon. They do not have to be religious to drive us either, and when we let others dictate our beliefs to us, we lose the ability to drive our own lives.

One Earth

I firmly believe that there is one earth, we may find other planets similar to it, but this is the one and only earth in a multitude of universes and galaxies. We have to treat it well, and not squander its resources or continue damaging at the rate we currently do. I don't know what the best solution is for improving the state of our ecosystem is, but I do my best to reduce my consumption of goods. I support local businesses to reduce fuel waste, compost as much as possible and a maintain a repair over purchase attitude.


There is rarely any reason to rush through anything. Wasting your time on petty things, is hardly a way to live well. Rushing through things, or demanding that they deliver immediately is the fastest possible way to lose any appreciation for what they are. Live with patience and take the time to enjoy the challenges as well as the rewards.


Persistence is as I see it the active pursuit of patience. I believe that patience is key to building a successful and happy life, and in tandem with that, persistence is what will get you there. A great way to think about it: Persistence will fuel your car, but patience is a matter of staying on the road, trusting it will take you home. Only having one of these, is likely to create a great deal of stress in your life.


Whether it's the family you are born into, or the family you build through friendships and loved ones, family is of the utmost importance. I believe family can be a powerful ally, but when squandered or disregarded it can become a major burden. My family (as it continues to grow) is by far one of the most important parts of my life.

One Life

Much like the earth, I personally think you only get one chance at this life. Regardless of afterlife options, or rebirth notions, this moment in time and space, this state of you as you in this particular life, this is it. You don't get to respawn, you can't pause and rewind (Morty!! How could you!?). It's easy to feel like you have to keep up with the Jones' but its never worth the stress of it. Life is a journey, rushing for the end seems silly. Families pass on far more stories than Wikipedia, and spending all your time pursuing 15 seconds of fame seems irrelevant if you have no one with you to celebrate it.

Keep moving forward ~ Disney