Passions are the Expression of Your Beliefs

Code may be my livelihood, but I have many passions.


I've been building things since I was little kid (albeit, Lego) but spending time in my workshop building things is one of my favourite ways to pass the time.

For my neighbour's daughter
Current workshop


I'm barely an amateur photographer, but I still enjoy taking the time to capture a nice image now and then, especially when I travel.

Philosophy - ish

I love reading (or listening to the audiobook of) philosophical books. I love contemplating my own ideas and discussing them with my peers as well. I don't really have any pics to show you this.

Scotch (formerly Beer)

I once was on a quest to drink over 100 beers before I turned 30. I got to about 98 or so. I missed the goal but I learned a ton about beers. These days I'll have the occasional beer, but I've been far more enthralled with Scotches. Whiskey has a long history and the subtlety of flavours is something that keeps me wanting to learn more.