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Evolution vs Revolution

Feb 21st, 2023

For many years I have spent a considerable amount of energy trying to revolutionize both my life and my profession. Often it comes in bursts, a moment of inspiration which leads to many actions. All too often though it fizzes out and I move on to the next step in the journey. However, back in 2018 I opted to change things. This is a bit about how that has worked itself out for me.

I started by writing up what I really wanted out of my life. I jotted down ideas about experiences, accomplishments I wanted, things that we're more than just me and things that would require significant amounts of energy from me. I made sure I was blunt and honest. I wrote things like celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary and help my child apply to university. At the time I was single and had no kids. The purpose was to create a real vision of what I wanted out of life. After all, if you want change in life and you want to live the life of your dreams you have to have a clear idea of what that dream is and what it entails. What became clear to me, and what will likely become clear to anyone who practices writing out their life vision is that you see clearly that you cannot do it with quick big changes and big moves. Most of your goals are achievable through small steps compounded on each other.

We can have revolutions in our life but we need to consider them as micro-revolutions. Imagine you want to quit your job, and pursue a new career path. Rather than go all in and risk everything, explore working on weekends in your new field and maintaining your old job until you can break free. It's more of a micro-revolution as its still introducing a big change to your life, but is far less risky. It also supports the notion of evolution over revolution. Rather than going to war and focusing solely on your new career path, enable yourself to grow into it and develop the confidence you need to be successful at it.

Overall this practice has helped me maintain a steady stream of achievements for the last five years and I feel like I've really only just begun. I have a long career ahead of me and many years yet with my growing family. I hope I can keep up this momentum. To wit, I have set an evolutionary goal of publishing at least once a month to my personal blog. It may be a psudo-journal like this one, or it may be an exploration of some new technology or an assessment of some architectural pattern thats new to me. Hopefully, if you stumble onto this blog or do choose to follow it, I can provide you with some knowledge to help you on your journey.