I’m Matt Lantz, a passionate software developer, who is zealous about art, design, health and neuroscience.

I’m a passionate software developer who loves to dabble in art and design from time to time. I enjoy exploring what I can do in every computer language I can get my hands on, and wrap my brain around.
However, I also love to sit down with some rich classical music and draw with a set of sketching pencils until the wee hours of the morning.

One of my main philosophies is that everything we do is a representation of us. Whether I am developing an application or designing an image, or even attempting to solve a complicated logic problem. I push myself to represent a complete harmonious understanding of the medium's fundamentals. My work always represents me, and a balance of inventiveness and reliability.

My goal is simple. I will impact the world wide web in a way that shapes its impact on people throughout the world. By allowing them to do more, learn more, and become better people than they once were, or by enabling them to discover more and change the world as they see fit.