This is a short collection of projects I’ve worked on recently, as well as some stats about my recent history of projects.




Quarx has gone through many iterations over the past 4 years. It started as a CMS in PHP without a framework, then onto CodeIgniter, then a rewrite in CodeIgniter. Then onto Laravel with a full rewrite. It's now been built into a package that can be easily integrated into any Laravel application providing the client with a full scale CMS to manage various parts of their application, or website. Quarx is fully open source - with the ability to add modules and in turn make those modules into packages which can be further integrated into projects. The sky is the limit, and building powerful apps is the only goal.

Laracogs is a provider of cogs to build your next amazing application including: a starter kit, form-maker, CRUD builder, documentation builder, and cryptography tool, even the ability to bootstrap your UI. Laracogs is a package which can be added to any Laravel 5.1+ app. It's best to integrate it early and utilize the starter kit to hit the ground running. Full unit testing of the starter kit is added to your app testing to give you peace of mind that nothing has gotten broken in the process.