What's Next

Jan 21st, 2019

I’ve got some big changes happening in my life soon and naturally that has me thinking about what’s next. I’ve been thinking about what to write about in my blog, or do I just drop it?, and what to do with my business and what types of things I want to build going forward.

I often look at my peers and explore the avenues they’re taking. It’s less about replicating them, and more about seeing what sort of projects and strategies they are following. I’ve been lucky enough to work with developers like Adam Wathan and others, and I’ve learned a great deal from these folks and I often think about how I can give back to the community like they do. I occasionally record LaraChat with Shawn Mayzes and Eric Van Johnson and these guys have become my go to people for tech and business questions. TJ Miller has been a recent addition to that group and he’s been an amazing sounding board, and generally great person to chat with about whatever curve balls life is throwing around.

I look back at my career thus far and I like many developers out there have moved around between various companies, built open source packages and have had to learn various frameworks as they shift in and out of favour. So therein lies the question, what’s next?

Currently I run my own business, its a two person shop and my salary is covered by my primary client who I work full-time for. My couple other clients cover my other staff, and though the business is in good standing it is completely reliant on us billing by the hour. Though I like this format and am happy to continue with it indefinitely, I’d like to create something more, my next thing, another stream of income. I’m not sure if that is creating courses, writing a book, or if its a matter of developing some SaaS applications but I’d like something less reliant on an hourly basis.

I have determined that I want to continue making an impact in the open source community since it has played a critical part in my career thus far and will likely continue to. I’ll likely be changing my blog format to a weekly recap of my coding and business matters from that week since it’s less likely for me to fail on delivery of that. As for my business, I’ll be making sure we release a quarterly newsletter providing information on what’s happening with our open source projects and any new products we decide to take on. That being said, I have decided to not do a blog for my business. With our team being as small as it is, maintaining it is just not on the priority list and likely won’t be any time soon.

So I suppose for now, what’s next is more open source code, potentially a course or book, more podcasting, and maybe a SaaS product.

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