Observe, Evaluate, Iterate

I write about anything that sparks my interests, such as software development, start-up businesses, future planning, health, poetry and more. If you'd like to talk to me about my writing connect with me on



Feb 15th, 2016

The sun has faded.Headphones are my only friends.A dull ache grows ever strong, encompassing my eyes.I read. I write.There are stars in the void.My fingers pirouette.Unit tests chatter away, filling my screen.I observe. I analyse.The hours once great now small.Chat engines empty, alone.Line after li...

Mar 06th, 2016

Forget verse that rhymes,And speech that rambles.Life is far too short,Lived in shambles.As a grain of sand,Reason, sanity,Is stifled by grandeur.Our illusion of glee.Thunder comes the gale,Dark beats down gravity.Am I to be, not to be.There is no because.Darkness now broken.Rain drops fall below.Su...

Dec 27th, 2016

Alone and ghostly lit,I sip my liquid black.An Eerily blue hue,is all I have left.Notes dance silently,I can no longer hear.Mumbling stumbles softly,I have no voice.I can tap. I can swipe.Surrounded by those love,I am still alone, blue, ghostly lit.