A passionate

software developer,






& dreamer.

I became fascinated by the web and it’s possibilities when I was in high-school, and when studying some philosophy in University I became all the more enchanted by web technology. After a few years trudging through mud as a general contractor, I finalized my vision of a web filled future, and pursued a career in web development.




Became a Community Leader

I joined the team LaraChat, and started doing bi-weekly live talks sharing information about coding. I also became a community leader in the discussion boards - doing my best to help other developers grow, while sharing things I've learned over my career.

March 2017

I co-founded Yab Inc.

After meeting my business partner, he and I clicked and it was obvious we were going to build some amazing technology. Within a few months we had a new corporation up and running with business cards in hand it was time to dig into projects, and there were many.

January 2016

I started at Climax Media

I decided to move onto something new, mostly bigger clients and teams. I started at Climax Media on the PHP team where we we're digging into legacy apps as well and building new apps in Laravel. I was amazingly lucky to meet some wonderful people along the way.

April 2015

I contributed to the Laravel framework

I was lucky enough to spot a missing feature which I hashed out and put in a pull request to the core of Laravel. I was on cloud 9 when that code was merged. It also re-sparked my desire to give back to the world of code around me.

April 2014

I moved to Oakville and started at Overdrive Design.

I decided to move to Oakville to live with my girlfriend for her last year of college. I was lucky enough to land a job close to downtown Toronto, which gave me lots of time for audiobooks in the car, and opportunities to meet new people.

January 2014

I became lead developer for a start-up (HourRepublic)

I joined a friend in building a start up company. Originally intended it to be a contract job mostly but it quickly grew into my night and weekend second job. We were able to get our product into multiple schools and school boards. I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

January 2013

I contributed code to large repositories (Cordova, Ripple, AliceJS)

I was extremely lucky to work on open source code at RIM. Doing so allowed me to contribute to projects used my hundreds of developers. It was my first glimpse into the massive impact of open source code.

September 2012

Started Quarx CMS

I started Quarx CMS as a side project. Its intent was to provide a simple easily customizable CMS for CodeIgniter applications.

August 2012

I got hired at BlackBerry (RIM)

I met some amazing people through networking at events in the Kitchener Waterloo region. Some of those folks worked at RIM. We got into talking and I decided to try and get a job there. a couple months later I started at RIM (Blackberry). Doing that changed everything I thought I knew about software development.

March 2012

I got my first developer job at Effective Edge.

After putting out an ad in Kijiji and hoping I could score some contract jobs in the evening. I was contacted by a great company in Elmira asking if I'd like to come in for a chance to talk about working together. Once my foot was in the door everything changed.

March 2011

I decided to become a developer

After seeing some movies and getting committed to the idea. I went out and bought some books on basic PHP programming and set myself on a new path. I got obsessed and started building things that I never thought I could.

November 2010