A Little Bit About Matt

I suppose this is where I introduce myself. I'm Matt Lantz, a Canadian software developer who has been making all sorts of things his whole life. I started my working life building houses and doing renovation work, but eventually became obsessed with developing software. Several years later and I've worked with fortune 500 companies including BlackBerry and Pfizer, contributed to popular open source frameworks, done some podcasting and even some mentoring.

I'm fascinated with how the world works and learning ways in which I can contribute to making it a better place, giving people more time to spend with the people they love and do the things they enjoy. When I'm not developing software I'm likely reading or learning something, spending time with family and friends, exercising or just relaxing.



A person on their own can achieve great things, but a team can transform the world. We often give credit to our heroes, but there is all too often a large team behind that success.


Balance is crucial. Whether its Yoga poses, work-life, or cost-benefit, balance impacts everything we do in life. I strive to maintain a balance as much as possible, while pursuing my goals.

Mind and Body

I have for many years been of the mindset that you can improve the body to improve the mind, and improve the mind to improve the body. If we don't care for our bodies, how can we expect our minds to thrive.


Passion will drive people to achieve the impossible. If you're not feeling passionate in some way about your goals, they will be a neverending uphill battle. Find something that inspires you about the smallest of tasks.

Whats Next?

I'm currently building a small personal business providing Open Source and Business software while I work alongside some amazing developers around the globe on various projects.

My plan moving forward is to continue building that business, and bringing various projects to life. I'm actively learning Machine Learning technologies through online courses and will be releasing some products in the near future which incorporate these tools. I think in the long term computer technology will feel less and less like a tool or entertainment device and simply become an extension of our minds and bodies. I've always admired the Japanese philosophy of the sword. That the sword itself is an extension of the warrior, that the sword has its own soul, there to protect and strengthen the warrior.

I think web technologies have shown the world a great deal of possibilities, but we're only just starting to make those possibilities real. Machine learning tools will continue to automate more and more of the world. The web itself will become an extension of our own memory, allowing us to use it to help in understanding complex subjects and providing us with information to make better decisions. One thing I know with absolute certainty is that I will continue to learn what I can to help shape that future.

Some of my:

Favourite Books

  • Ishmael
  • The Code Book
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • The Book of Five Rings
  • The Prince
  • The Mind & The Brain

Favourite Quotes

Do or do not, there is no try. ~ Yoda
I never lose, I either win or learn. ~ Nelson Mandela